Precision grinding

As a complement to the manufacture of crowns with Hirth teeth, TEDISA also offers grinding solutions in order to satisfy the most demanding precision demands.

We perform external and internal flat and cylindrical grinding on those pieces that require the highest geometric and dimensional precision. Our means allow us to carry out precision grinding for parts and components up to 2000 mm in diameter and 1200 mm in height.

Our high precision machinery park has machines for carrying out diameter grinding, flat grinding, tooth grinding and coordinate grinding. We have machines from the most prestigious precision brands such as VOUMARD, MÄGERLE, MÄGERLE & KEHREN and HAUSER among others.

30 high precision


up to 2000 mm


up to 1200 mm

precision grinding
fabricación de juego de coronas
coronas de dos piezas
coronas de dos piezas