The experience acquired since our foundation in 1988, together with a policy of constant technological investment, directed towards innovation and continuous improvement of our products and services, has been fundamental to our becoming strategic partners for our clients.


The knowledge acquired in our more than 40 years of experience in the area of high precision grinding and machining allows us to always offer quick responses and efficient solutions to the most complex and precise technical requirements and demands.

coronas de dos piezas

coronas de dos piezas

Precision technology

At TEDISA we have the most advanced technologies on the market throughout our manufacturing process, both in production means and in measurement and quality assurance processes. Our wide range of precision machinery allows us to undertake the most demanding precision machining and grinding jobs with full guarantee.


All the projects we carry out are subjected to rigorous quality controls during all phases of the manufacturing process. Each piece or set that is manufactured in TEDISA is subjected to a strict control and final verification before its dispatch. A maximum precision not exceeding 0.005 mm of parallelism and concentricity is maintained.

Since 1997 we have had the quality certification according to ISO 9001.

coronas de dos piezas

Represented brands

At TEDISA we work exclusively to represent the prestigious brand of linear guides ROSA in the markets of Spain and Portugal.

ROSA linear guides can be applied to any type of machinery or component that requires some kind of movement or force to be carried out in a controlled and linear way.

Rosa Sistemi SpA has implemented an important program for the construction of roller guides and standardized roller tables, achieving remarkable quality results in a short time.

The idea of producing linear bearings was born from a deep understanding of the problems of fit to flat surfaces and the multiple construction problems that arise when having to implement dovetail guides.

The use of standardized roller guides has greatly simplified these applications, reducing processing costs and ensuring the interchangeability of the guides themselves, available at any time.